Frequently Asked Questions

How is BlockPooling organized?

We group users according to their postal codes. So the "Block" is really your apartment block. All the people living in the same block would share the same postal codes as you and you would be able to see each other.

The “neighbourhood” is really your housing estate or a part of it if you live in large estates! There's a map to show you the boundaries of your neighbourhood.

If you live in landed property, you won't see anyone else in your "Block", but your neighbourhood will include the other properties in your estate.

The website is set up like many other social networks that you are familiar with. There is a central "Home Wall" which is a news-stream of your neighbourhood activities.

Your same block neighbours are automatically grouped together and you can see their postings. But there are also lots of people in your neighbourhood. If you would like to have their postings stream down your wall, you simply have to "Friend" them.

You can only "Friend" people in your neighbourhood. You would not be able to "Friend" others living in other places.

Do I have to add my neighbours as friends?

No, you don't have to. When you post into the modules categorised under "My Block", all your same-block neighbours will automatically receive it in their newsfeed.

Use the "Add friend" function only for neighbours that you have gotten to know well. For posts to only your friends, you have to post in the "Friends" wall.

What if my postal code is not recognized by your system or if I am assigned to a wrong neighbourhood?

Please let us know at and we will include it in the right neighbourhood.

Can I advertise my services?

Our advertising module is not ready. You can create a free lisitng under "Neighbour services". However, we do insist that you only post your services in the neighbourhood that you live in, and do not create fake user accounts to post in other neighbourhoods just to promote your services.

What if I meet a nasty neighbour?

Let us know at and we will review the account and may delete it. Please refrain from getting into an argument with the neighbour. Look out for our "Rules for being an awesome neighbour" articles to get tips on interacting with neighbours.

Are you a governmental organization?

Nope! We are entrepreneurs passionate about our living environment. Our company's name is Estatebuzz Pte Ltd.

We did get a grant from the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) to create this website. They are a non-government entity that shares our vision to increase neighbourly cooperation.