Overview of BlockPooling

What is BlockPooling?

Our CEO and co-founder Moh Hon Meng says: “Blockpooling is about the resources that are in the tens of thousands of homes around us which we cannot see. By providing a platform for people to indicate their ability and willingness to offer a resource, whether it’s free or paid, the amount of resources available to us increases tremendously.”

Offer a neighbor skill or service

Think about what skill or service you can offer to your neighbourhood.

The usual services come to mind very quickly, like housekeeping, dog-walking, baby-sitting or clothes alteration. These are important and needed by the neighbourhood, so please do offer them or help someone offer them.

But maybe there are other interesting skills that you have that you can share? Can you teach an introductory class on a hobby? Can you conduct a nature walk around the estate? Can you give a talk about a subject that you are passionate about? Offer these things too, and charge a fee for the people living around you to come and experience this skill that you have.

When everyone in Singapore’s densely populated neighbourhoods offers their skills and services like this, our neighbourhoods become very interesting.

Add to "Services Wanted"

Is there a service that you would like from someone living near you but no one is offering it yet? Use our “Services Wanted” tool to tell people you want the service. Someone might just offer it because you asked for it.

How do I hire someone?

You can contact that person directly through our messaging system, or simply call the person if the phone number is provided. You should negotiate the prices beforehand and pay upon completion of the service.

How do I offer a service?

Just click on “create service listing” and follow the steps. It’s very easy.

What is “Lend & Borrow”

Here, you can put up items that you own that you are willing to lend to your neighbours and they do the same. When everyone shares like this, it save moneys, saves space and is also extremely environmentally.

What is Neighbourly Help?

If you are willing to offer FREE help to your neighbours, such as with drilling a hole in the wall, list here.

What is Sell Nearby?

Do not throw that perfectly good sofa away! Put it up for sale here. Somebody in the neighbourhood might want it and buy it from you. It’s a kind of recycling.

Is there any cost to me to use the website?

Most listings are FREE. Only some of the listings under “Professional Services” are chargeable.

How do I manage the items that I’ve borrowed or lent out?

You can use the tools under “My Inventory” manage the items you borrowed or lent.

Will I need to “chase” for the return of my items?

All you have to do is to key in who borrowed the item in the My Inventory page and our system will send the reminders for you.

If I live in landed property, can I also see my neighbours?

Your postal code is unique and so you will not find another other users in your “Block”. But you would be able to see your neighbours under “Nearby Blocks”.

What is the “SG Shares Superblock” label?

A SUPER BLOCK is a "badge" that we award to a HDB or apartment block when at least 5 of the block's residents have collectively posted all the specified items in "Lend & Borrow Items" and "Neighbourly Help". There are 30 specified items from the 2 sections.

The range of items and neighbourly help available in a A SUPER BLOCK makes it beneficial and interesting for neighbours to connect!

Behaviour at Blockpooling.sg

What if I am unhappy with a service provided by someone or meet someone nasty?

Please drop us an email at info@blockpooling.sg to let us know. Over time, we will devise more feedback mechanisms.

I’m concerned about having strangers in my house

And you should be! But actually, we already order many services into our homes, such as air-con maintenance, home tuition, electrical and plumbing repairs and others. The only difference with doing it at BlockPooling is that these are people who live near you, and we think that they should be more trustworthy since you are likely to see them again around the neighbourhood.

But do try and get to know them as much as possible using our messaging system and engage with them only when you are comfortable.

Am I obligated to lend something once I list it under “Lend and Borrow”?

No. This is especially so if you do not know the neighbour. Get to know the person first using our online tools before agreeing to meet up and to share your stuff. If you are not comfortable with someone you interacted with online, it is absolutely OK to say no.

I don’t see anyone in my block’s webpage yet. What should I do?

Be the first to post something to lend! As more people come into your block, you will get automatic alerts in your email.

Be polite

This is a website where neighbours gather. Polite language will be very appreciated.

I don’t want to be neighbourly

Many of us may have forgotten how to relate with a neighbor, so this sentiment is very understandable.

But BlockPooling’s focus is not on being “neighbourly”, it’s about a neighbourhood pooling its resources, whether free or paid, and doing so to earn an extra income, save money, or be environmentally friendly.